Safety at Sea and First Aid Laboratory

Fields of Application:
Safety at Sea I,II,III,IV,V, First Aid and Medical Care lessons are educated at this laboratory. It also provides opportunity to apply the survival techniques at Sea, using personal life-saving appliances, basic fire knowledge and fire fightining, etc.

Current Infrastructure / Equipment:
Breathing apparatus set
EEBD (Emergency Escape Breathing Device)
ToxiRAE II Gas Monitor (Multi Gas Detector)
QRAE II Multi Gas Detector
Gas Detector Tubes and Pump
Aselsan Cobra Walky Talky
Oxygen Therapy Device
Blood Pressure Monitor
Materials used in the first response for fractures
Artificial Respiration Dummy
Human Body Posters (circulatory system, muscular etc.)
Human Skeletal Structure
Arm Dummy for response to sutures
Dummy for Injection
Dummy for Research and Rescue
Life Raft
Life Boat Equipments
Inflatable Fast Rescue Boat (with 15HP Marine Engine)
CO2 Fire-Extinguisher Minimaxes
Dry Chemical Powder Extinguisher Minimaxes
Foam Fire Extinguisher Minimaxes
Water Fire Minimaxes
Spare Cartridges for Fire Extinguishers
Fire Hoses in Various Sizes and Appropriate Coupling and Coupling Keys, Multi Functioned Nozzles
Mechanic Mixer and Foam Applicator Fire Circuit
Fire Boxes (Including Fire Hose-Nozzle-Coupling Key)
Safety Rope with Hook
Set of Fire Fighting Equipment
Neil Robertson Stretcher and Helicopter Sling
Inmersion Suits
Thermal Protective Aid (TPA),
Life Vests
Life Buoy, etc.