Bridge and Radar Simulators

Fields of Application:
The Bridge and Radar Simulators are used for the application of Navigation, Ship Maneuvering, Watchkeeping Handover Standards, Seamanship and Safety at sea, as well as, dissertation studies.

Distance and direction terms at Sea, materials, charts and publications used for navigation, compasses and compass usage. Coastal navigation, Fixing methods, mathematical navigation methods, current navigation, tidal calculations, celestial navigation and a great circle sailing.

Watchkeeping Handover Standards:
The knowledge of COLREG (International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea), how to achieve effective bridge team management.

Ship Manoeuvring:
Turning Circle and stopping distance. The effects of wind and current in navigation. The effect of swallow water and other effects of ship manoeuvring.
Anhorage and Rope Manoeuvring. Berthing and unberthing. Traffic Separation Sheme and Manoeuvring at VTS.

Helmsman training
Safety at Sea;
Manoeuvring to save someone who man over board. Collision, Grounding and damage control. Search and Rescue, etc.

Current Infrastructure / Equipment:
TRANSAS Bridge and ARPA Radar Simulator
Simulator Console
Full Bridge Simulator Program
Projection offering 140° visual navigation opportunity.
Fax Receiver
Monitors to use many electronic navigation devices